Social events

Social events

Application of Rheology in the Mining Industry

The Southern African Society of Rheology (SASOR) and Paterson & Cooke (P&C) presented a short technical talk and laboratory visit to Science and Engineering students and all others interested on 11 October 2017 at the P&C offices in Ndabeni Cape Town.  The event provided insight into how knowledge of complex fluid flow behaviour is applied in the mining industry, in particular in the design of pipeline systems for conveying slurries (solid / liquid mixtures).

The staff demonstrated how laboratory scale testing such as bench scale rheological measurements and solid-liquid separation tests informs the design of substantial pipeline systems which are used to transport large volumes of materials in the mining industry.

The 35 students that attended the event represented all four universities in the Western Cape from second year of their studies to doctoral students. There was also attendees from other companies and staff from research groups at universities.


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